Unboxed (Alpha)

Thank you for your interest in Unboxed! The game is currently in Alpha therefore it is still in early development. A free Alpha demo is available on itch.io or using the download button below. We will be working hard over the next couple of months adding new features, testing, and preparing for a much richer Beta release! The Beta for Unboxed is currently planned for Spring of 2018. We will send out development updates to my subscribers via email and will also post the latest update to this page! Release. Balance. Enjoy.

The game will be downloaded as a zip file. Once downloaded, extract the zip file to your desired location. From here, you can view the "How to Play" PDF or launch the game by clicking on the executable. 

Please note: Steam VR is required for this game.

Development Updates:

  • 12/1/2017: Unboxed's Alpha was posted today! The second Vive headset arrived yesterday. Right now the focus is on polishing up the code so it can be clean and optimized before diving into the networking component. The hope is to begin working through networking late next week. Additionally, research is being done on art direction for the technical art (primarily the player feedback component when players hit the blob or the blob hits the wall). Stay tuned!
  • 1/11/2018: After a short break to spend some time with the family for the holiday's, development is back on! The current work is focused the lobby for the multiplayer mode to allow for players to connect with each other from their respective Vives. Additionally, a level design and technical art overall is underway. It is about time we make the blobs more...well... blobby. Several ideas have been floated on how to redesign the room to make it more interesting to interact with! This week should be packed with a lot of progress in both the networking and design aspects of this project. By the end of the month, the hope is to have multiplayer implemented (even in a crude way) and a full technical art pass completed making the game more visually appealing.
  • 1/16/2018: The code for Unboxed has (finally) been converted to networked code and the lobby for multiplayer is working! That being said, the game has landed at an amazing place for the multiplayer implementation for Beta (still expected for Spring 2018). At this point, the focus has been transitioned back to revamping the single player experience. Each phase of gameplay is receiving an art and design overhaul in order to give everyone a greater sense of place and release.
  • 2/14/2018: Revamping the single player experience has led our team to question the decision of multiplayer implementation. We know we want to make a multiplayer collaborative game for the HTC Vive, however, going back to why we made Unboxed in the first place and the importance of the experience of releasing control, it has been determined that overhauling the single player mode may be the final direction we want to take for Unboxed and have our next project focused on multiplayer (since we learned so much from trying to implement it here). That being said, for our Beta release we hope to deliver an incredibly rich, immersive, and meditative experience for single player. You will have to stay tuned for our next project to experience the multiplayer Vive goodness :). After making this decision, we revamped our code to allow for expansion in the phases and more interesting gameplay to emerge from interacting with the blobs. This week we are focusing on the first 2 of 6 new phases of gameplay!