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September 1, 2017


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Unboxed (Alpha) - Virtual Reality
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Chicago, IL


Studio Fire is a Chicago based independent development studio founded by Trynn. Though the "Trynn" moniker was formally established in 2017, Trynn has been developing games with various teams since 2012. In September of 2017, Trynn formally established Studio Fire with a coworker from DePaul University, Christopher Sosa. Together the two aim to push the medium of games in new and exciting ways.

Message from Trynn  
"To me, games are an art form to the highest extreme. I believe art can move, educate, and inspire people. I believe games can both be immensely enjoyable but also hold an important message. I believe games are the future to embracing and understanding the human condition. This is why I aim to create art that allows you to embrace life, experience flow, and everything in between."



Trynn as a designer began with an undergraduate degree from DePaul University in Game Development. From here, Trynn moved into the corporate world working as an IT Project Manager for a financial firm in Chicago. Though managing projects was excellent experience, it also was immensely time consuming and took away from the time that could have been spent taking her personal game projects to the next level. In 2017, Trynn was invited to join DePaul University's MFA in Game Design program which is when she decided to go back to school to hone her craft further and pursue her dreams.

In August of 2017, Trynn left the project management job and began the graduate program at DePaul (currently working as the Game Design tutor for the undergraduate track). Within the first month, Trynn dived in to her first project that even during early stages was already well received. This is mostly due to the accessible nature of a game on a typically not-so-accessible platform (Virtual Reality). When the project began to gain some traction, Trynn connected with other developers from the DePaul programs who voiced their interest in joining in on the development of Unboxed. The rest is history to be made. 



Unboxed (VR) is currently the only public project by Studio Fire. The game is still in early development but an early Alpha demo is available to be played for free on or downloaded from the website.



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Team & Collaborators

The following is a list of Studio Fire's team members and collaborators. For each collaborator I list the projects they contributed on, and their respective teams on the project. This list will be expanded as more members join the fun and more projects are released!

Production, Design, Art, Programming, Technical Art
- Studio Fire Team -

Christopher Sosa
Programming, Optimization
- Studio Fire Team -

Jimmy Niemiec
Technical Art
- Unboxed -


Studio Fire is currently based in Chicago, IL. The studio does not officially have office space so most of the work is completed out of DePaul University in the Chicago loop. 


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